This is how Venatosaurus vs Tiger and Tiger's death goes in Littlefoot's Adventures of Free Willy 2: The Adventure Home.

[We see Tiger wreaking havoc on Forest] 

[However, in his fight get hunt, he frees Venatosaurus

Venatosaurus (growling) [transforms to her true form and roars] 

[Tiger turns around and lands] 

[Tiger roars as he and Venatosaurus charge at each other] 

[They then but heads, with Venatosaurus pushing her foe back a little] 

[Tiger knocks her back with the Roar, but before he can fly into the air and strike from above, Venatosaurus bites down on one of his wings, and stretches it out, breaking it, grounding him] 

[They both grabbed bite at each other, but Venatosaurus breaks neck, then climbed his body] 

[Venatosaurus scratches the back of his head then bites down on his neck] 

[Tiger tries to free himself, but Venatosaurus throws him through a tree, freeing Esmeralda, Djali, and their Storm Warriors] 

Esmeralda: Djali?, with me! We're heading to the forest! The rest of you, help Tiger out as much as you can! 

[The Storm Warriors hold the Skull Warriors off of Venatosaurus

[Venatosaurus then pins Tiger down, going down to stabbed his neck]