Tarantulas is a Predacon who works for Megatron. He is one of the six original Predacons who stole the original TarantulasAdded by Venage237the Golden Disk. His beast form is a tarantula.When the Predacons intercepted a Maximal stasis pod, Tarantulas chose its beast form as a spider (turning the protoform into the predacon Blackarachnia ).Tarantulas was also making his own evil plans, and is often a traitor to the Predacons. He sometimes works with Blackarachnia, but they betray each other often. In Episode 27, "Aftermath", the quantum surge transformed Tarantulas into a Transmetal. Tarantulas helped the Decepticon, Ravage, capture Megatron, until it was revealed that Megatron was under orders from the original Megatron. Near the end of Season 2, Rattrap planted bombs on Tarantulas, blowing him up and killing Ravage. However, Tarantulas survived (as he was a Transmetal,Transmetal TarantulasAdded by Venage237 and therefore stronger than Ravage) and was put back together by his drones.In the episode "Other Victories", Tarantulas attempted to extract the Vok's power from Tigerhawk. His machine drew the two Vok out of Tigerhawk, and they began to enter his body. Tarantulas tried to keep them away by shooting at them, but his bullets went through them and spun his laser device around instead. As the Vok entered his body, the laser device blasted Tarantulas back into an Energon crystal, killing both him and the Vok, leaving only his legs.