Cast LittleFoot and his Friends Ash Pikachu Togepi Misty Brock Ceiebi SpongeBob Patrick Squidward Sandy Krabs Stan Kyle Eric Kenny Bugs Bunny Daffy Duck Mickey Donald Goofy Bartok Piloff Jeremy Mr. Brisby Mr.Ages Dirk the Daring Basil and Friends Dot Gypsy Manny Genie Tark Tantor Zazu The Vuitures Tarzan Jane Professor Taran Eilonwy Fflam Gurgi The Goonies And Friends Scooby Doo and Friends Silmer Stay Puft Ttark Woody Woodpecker Ozzy and Strut The Machine Ichy and Dil Red Claw Screech and Thud Clayton Jenner Sullivan Maleficent The Fratellis Shenzi Banzai Ed Plankton Creeper Pete Team Rocket (Jessie James and Meowth) Maudeline and Finis Nicodemus AnnaBella Orddu Orgoch and Orwen The Flying Dutchman

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