Arachne was a beautiful queen. However, she was incredibly vain and when her daughter's beauty began to outstrip her own, Arachne had her daughter thrown into the ocean where she drowned. In turn, Zeus cursed Arachne and turned her into a hideous half-spider creature. She was banished to a deserted island in the Charybdian Sea.When a shipload of pirates landed on the island to bury their treasure, Arachne began to kill them. She laid eggs inside their bodies, planning to grow an army of spiders to rule over. Hercules and Iolaus landed on the island shortly after the pirates and with the help of the pirate captain Nebula, they defeated Arachne. AppearancesEditHTLJ: "Web of Desire"BackgroundEditArachne was played by Josephine Davison.Arachne simply means "spider" in Greek.In the original myth, which only survives as a Roman retelling of an allegedly Greek original, it was Minerva (Athena) who cursed Arachne, either becuase she was genuinely a better weaver than the goddess or because she wove a tapestry insulting the Olympians. In the myths, Arachne was turned into an actual spider, but most artists chose to portray her halfway through the transformation, leading to the many half-spider depictions of her.